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Kitchen Quickies.....It's Not What You Might Think!

by Pamela J. Windom, p.c.

OSU Extension Service

Offers a New Series of Classes

Cost:  $5.00 per class...registration required (see below)

Upcoming classes include:

    April 9        6-8 p.m.        Perfect Pies and Pie Crusts

    April 15      9:30-11:30 a.m.       Ancient Grains

    April 30      6-8 p.m.        Stuff It!  Savory Pies

    May 1        10 a.m.- noon       Going Nuts!

    May 7        6-8 p.m.        Oodles of Noodles

    May 8        10 a.m.- noon     Summer Sausage

    May 15      6-8 p.m.            Simply Sauerkraut

Courses are offered by the Master Food Preserver Program.  For more information and to register call 541-682-4246.

Improving Your Home Garden

by Pamela J. Windom, p.c.

 Sustainable Landscape Certification Training

    June 22-23, October 26-27, December 7-8 

8:30am - 5pm, Lane County Extension Auditorium Cost: $50

    950 W. 13th Ave., Eugene

    Certification Topics:

    Water Efficiently

    Mulch and Compost

    Gardening for Wildlife

    Stream Side Gardening

    Yard Pest Control

    Right Plant - Right Place

    Lawn Care

    Stormwater Alternatives

    Edible Landscaping/Vegetables 

  For further information contact:

FireMed...What is it? & Why you should have it.

by Pamela J. Windom, p.c.
The FireMed program was born in the 1980's, right here in our local community, in an effort to provide quality emergency medical service to our community members.  Since its inception, it has grown and become a model for other communities seeking to provide service to their residents. 
FireMed is a program in which residents "buy into" the program at a low annual fee and are provided the opportunity to access emergency medical service and transport, without the hefty bill that would typically follow.  Your whole household is protected, for an entire year, at a very low cost.  It is "an insurance policy" to speak.....and one that I wouldn't be without. 
We are fortunate to have phenomenal medical services available in our community.  I believe that the quality of these services is directly related to the FireMed Program, which has been recognized and applauded by the likes of Fortune Magazine, Oregon League of Cities and the National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians.
For 2009, the FireMed Basic Service Fee is $52 for regular emergency ground transport.  FireMed Plus is just $87 for combined emergency ground plus air medical transport.
For further information use the following link

or give FireMed a call directly at  541-726-3636 (a local Springfield, Oregon number)

Displaying blog entries 1-3 of 3